You can’t gain 5Lb’s of FAT over the weekend !

Its Sunday Night and your sitting there regretting what you have eaten, and even worse you haven’t been to the gym over the weekend.

To make matters worse you jump on the scales and Oh my GOD you have gained 5lb !

So what causes this weight gain One word “Insulin”

Insulin does two things that make large weight fluctuations possible:
It causes the body to retain sodium
It increases carb storage in the form of glycogen.

Both cause the body to store water when insulin levels are raised and both lead to the body shedding water when insulin is lowered.

Water follows sodium. The more sodium you retain, the more water the body will also hold onto. This is why high sodium foods are not as big an issue when consumed in the context of a low carb diet. The low insulin causes the sodium not to be retained to the same degree.
Glycogen stores (storage form of starch/sugar) in the liver and the muscle are almost like a sponge holding 3 times their weight in water. As glycogen stores go up, water retention increases and weight is gained.  As glycogen stores go down, water is lost and weight is lost.
This insulin effect illustrates the ridiculousness of the belief that people have somehow gained or lost several pounds of fat in just a few days.  They certainly may have lost the weight, but it is water and not fat. This water loss effect can be a biological indicator of the effectiveness of a diet to lower insulin.  We use this “water loss” as an indication of the ability to enter fat loss mode.
When carbs are reduced, the sufficiently insulin sensitive physiology should see a lowering of insulin levels  and a fall in water levels, some people can lose from 5 to 15 pounds in only a few days.  This is a good sign and while none of this water loss is fat, it does provide an indication that the individual will begin burning fat and provides a strong positive indication of the ability to be successful.
Not losing this water weight is an indication of fat loss resistance and  that there is something other than insulin interfering with the persons fat loss results.  If the water is not lost, the first thing to think of is either thyroid and/or adrenal dysfunction. Another common cause of continuing to hold onto water is food allergies & the chronic low grade inflammation it creates.
The good news is you haven’t gained FAT!
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Chelle ‘ you can’t get fat in a weekend’ Jones

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