Are you over thinking losing weight?

When it comes to dieting did you know your over thinking it?

But don’t worry most people I meet do exactly the same until I show them how easy it is.

When I meet a client for the first time, or start one of my groups naturally these ladies want to tell me all the ‘diets’ they have been on and that they either worked for a while or didn’t work at all.

So they are looking to me for the golden answer……

Looking at me for the light at the end of the tunnel……

Looking at me like I will offer them a magic pill……

Ok, first things first jumping from diet to diet will one confuse your body and hormones but two it will confuse you.

I have so many women for example say ‘well on slimming world I can eat pasta’ and on ‘weight watchers I can eat there cakes’

Ok so if thats working or worked for you why are you sitting in front of me. (Harsh but true)

I’m not saying you can’t eat Pasta (some peoples bodies are fine with gluten, but if you bloat after eating wheat then you need to step away)

And I’m not saying you can’t eat cake. I eat cake and my clients eat cake, either for a treat once or twice per week OR we make our own putting in healthier ingredients.

So if you are eating lots of cakes, biscuits etc then your insulin can’t keep up with this and it will keep spiking, then we struggle to really lose belly fat.

Heres where everyone overthinks it, they jump from diet to diet looking to lose weight quick but DON’T listen to their body.

There is not, and never will be a one diet fits all…… why? Because all of our bodies work completely differently. This is down to sleep, hormones, how active one person is to another and the mindset and will power. So what do you do now? It is simple…. YOU LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND YOU DON’T OVER THINK IT.

If you eat bread and you feel sluggish or bloated afterwards then reduce your bread intake. If you eat pasta and you getting a stabbing IBS pain – DON’T EAT IT.

If you are eating cake and biscuits EVERY DAY then you know the answer to this !!

One last note, be really truthful to yourself. Are you eating too much of the wrong thing? Are you jumping from diet to diet and not being consistent? And are you the type of person who eats a biscuit on day 3 and thinks oh well this isn’t for me I have ruined it now?


If you have one bad thing so what move on and carry on making those changes.

Every second is a new second to change and be better.


To get the results you want you have to:

  • Be consistent
  • Not over think it (deep down you know what is healthy and whats not)
  • Listen to your body – avoid the foods that make you bloat or feel sluggish
  • And remember one blip does not mean you have ruined your journey
  • Stop overthinking it and remember no one is 100% perfect all of the time!

I hope that helps you get your head in he game and you start seeing the results you want.


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