Have you lost your MOJO?

You so want to lose weight but you have zero motivation to start or stay on track.


First things first EVERYONE goes through this, so don’t make yourself feel any worse by beating yourself up! Theres nothing wrong with you.


Lets be honest nobody wants to be on a diet but we also don’t want to feel or look they way we do.


You need to find a balance.


But that is so hard when you switch on social media and theres so much noise there….

‘So and so has lost 5st with weight watchers’

‘Your friend is slimmer of the week at slimming world’

‘A girl you know from work is selling forever living and someone you know has lost 9lbs in 3 days’

‘Your neighbour is always tagged in at your local gym and is looking amazing’






Do you join weight watchers? But remember it would have taken this person months to lose 5st !

Do you go with your friend to slimming world? But how long will it take to be slimmer of the week, will you even be slimmer of the week?

Do you eat no food for a few days and do the forever plan and lose a lot of weight fast?

Do you join a gym? But have you got the time your friend has 5 times per week with a full time job and looking after kids?


Heres my advice.


This is not helping you or your mojo.

You have to find a plan that works for you!

But could it be just as simple as this…..

You won’t drink so much tea/coffee/fizzy pop/squash and will get 2 litres of water every day.

I won’t eat chocolate, sweets, biscuits and crisps on a daily basis.

I will reduce my bread intake or remove bread altogether.

I will get more veg with my meals instead of oven chips, pasta, rice, etc

I will switch my phone off when I get home and not scroll facebook last thing at night or first thing on the morning.

It is honestly just as simple as that.


The rules of being healthy haven’t changed, you may have just got a little lost with all the noise.

Ignore what others are doing and do what you know works time and time again.

If you want to be around the right noise and get your head in the game of being healthy then the doors to my online group are open until 1st August.

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You will have access to this group from now until 31st August.

You will have access to over 100 healthy recipes. Daily real life motivation and real talk.

If you want in click the link and make the first step to getting your mojo back.

Online weight loss membership

Remember its not as hard as your making it to feel. Go back to basics and start again.

Chelle x

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